Blood Mage (Nightblade Healer)

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Blood Mage (Nightblade Healer)

Post by Mclolable on Sun Mar 05, 2017 7:04 pm

This thread is W.I.P and is subject to change!

So... Want to try something rather unusual? Well a Blood Mage is just that!

Health - Medium
Magicka - High
Stamina - Low

As you may expect, you need to focus your initial character points on Magicka and then Health. Stamina is rarely needed as the abilities are Magicka based.

Abilities :

Action Bar 1 (Restoration Staff)

Healing Springs (Morphed From Grand Healing)
Rapid Regeneration (Morphed From Regeneration)
Blessing of Restoration (Morphed From Blessing of Protection)
Siphoning Attacks (Morphed From Siphoning Strikes)
Inner Light (Morphed From Magelight)

Ultimate : Soul Ciphon (Morphed From Soul Shread)

Action Bar 2 (Destruction Staff)

Crushing Shock (Morphed From Force Shock)
Refreshing Path (Morphed From Path of Darkness)
Structured Entropy (Morphed From Entropy)
Overflowing Altar (Morphed From Blood Altar)
Inner Light (Morphed From Magelight)

Ultimate : Veil of Blades (Morphed From Consuming Darkness)

Armour - Light

This build more focuses on HoT (Healing over Time) rather than immediate healing. Some of the abilities can easily be swapped out for something else such as Healing Springs can be replaced for another siphoning ability for the 3% healing increase with each siphoning abilities. Feel free to comment anything that can be used to enhance the build.

Link to the original page for the build here :

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